Sunday, March 06, 2005

MyEclipse has improved

I bought a subscription to MyEclipse over a year ago, but let it expire. Recently I downloaded an update and after using it for a couple of weeks, I must renew my subscription. We use Struts Studio at the office. In fact, I helped select it. But this $30 / year package blows it away in many areas. It goes beyond just doing struts development and gives you nice little tools for everything. If you use multiple appservers, you'll really appreciate the support for just about every application server around. Struts Studio doesn't try to be this comprehensive and seems to only concentrate on the struts aspects. Exadel, the maker of Struts Studio, does have a JSF product now.

Give MyEclipse a try if you are doing web development. I think you'll be pleased. A 30 day trial is available for download.

Here's a list of features from their website.

Visual HTML Designer
- Smart source editor
- Page viewer for real-time rendering
- Visual development
- WYSIWYG editor
- Round-trip code generation
- Code formatting and validation
- Error marking and annotation
- Full featured controls:
- Tables
- Forms
- Text attributes and layout
- Images
- Anchors & horizontal lines
- Control panel and context sensitive
- Cursor Positioning in HTML source viewer when toggle from designer view
Ad-hoc Image Preview
- Image display & zoom
- Browse images directories
- GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, ICO images
- Auto relative URL config
- Image browsing in project
Database Explorer
- 25 JDBC connection templates
- Database browser
- Smart SQL Editor with query execution
- Export table definition to Hibernate project
OR Tools - Hibernate
- HibernateWizard to enable any Java, EJB, or Web project with capabilities
-Incuded Hibernate libraries
- Wizard to create Hibernate configuration file
- Generate Java class and database mapping from Database Explorer table definition
- User-managed Hibernate library preferences
- Uses Velocity templates for all code and configuration file generation
JSTL Support
- ability to add JSTL 1.0 Jars and Taglibs
- Resource validation
- Configuration options for JARs and TLDs
Enhanced CSS Editor
- Smart editor w/ content assist
- Syntax checking & color coding
- Outline view
- Property Details
New JavaScript Editor
Enhanced Struts Flow Modeler
- Enhanced flow view editor
- Structured Element Editors
- Bidirectional synchronization of flow definitions and struts-config.xml source elements
- Grid and Snap-to-grid alignment functionality
- Zooming
- Reconnectable connections
- Auto and manual connection routing
- Streamlined wizard design
- Custom superclass specification
Java Server Faces Configuration Editor
- JSF project support
- MyEclipse web project Config:
- JSF libraries
- Tag-libraries
- Application configuration file
- Application configuration file
Dependent Project Deployment
- Global workspace setting for dependent projects handling
- Override on a project by project basis
- Integrated with Hot Sync deployer
Sun Java System Application Server Connector


Anonymous Sergey Smirnov said...

> Struts Studio doesn't try to be this
> comprehensive and seems to only
> concentrate on the struts aspects

Struts Studio Professional Edition has reached the functionality top. All the reasonable features are already there. Only one thing prevents the further evolution - its own name. So, Struts Studio will be joined with JSF Studio and other Exadel's products towards the comprehensive tool for the web development.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Billy Bob Bain said...

Great. I can't wait to see what you come up with. We're not dumping Struts Studio, just adding to it with the features of MyEclipse.

8:30 AM  

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