Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Java Tip #8 - Go to JavaOne

Go to JavaOne. I have attended the San Franscisco summer JavaOne for the past few years. The 2004 event was a return to the glory days. The session quality continues to improve and the evening BOFs are great.

Bring your laptop cause wi-fi abounds. In the evening BOFs, beer is acceptable everywhere. I've also seen folks buying beer during the day at the snack bars. That would just make me sleepy... not like you can sit there and have a dozen. I always run into people I know and there are plenty of opportunities to strike up conversation while waiting for a session to start.

Last year the hands-on labs were excellent and covered topics from JSF to customizing swing to peer-to-peer with java.

The relaxation areas are the best with video games both old & new available for free.

Of course, you can't beat San Franscisco for food & fun. I highly recommend Johnny Foley's for Fish & Chips & a pint of Guinness. Go down to the wharf & eat some crab. It's good at every place I've tried. Also, the cablecar museum is extremely cool.

To those that complain about the quality of the sessions, I have this to say. If you don't like the topics, do a presentation on something that interests you. Be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. Let's see... put up or shut up... if you can't say something nice, don't say anything. Stuff like that.... oh yeah, do no harm.

I don't work for Sun, but I have some visibility into the process & believe they do the very best job possible in selecting talks and think JavaOne is well worth the $$$ spent. Of course, if you give a talk they waive your fee. The call for papers ended on 1/31/05, so start planning for next year.

I'm planning to attend again this year. Once the list of session is released, I'll add my picks for 2005.