Friday, May 12, 2006

Contributing Tapestry POC to Eclipse RSP-UI

I spent some time developing a proof of concept for Tapestry and RSP-UI for others to review. I've forwarded the POC directly to Wolfgang Gehner at Infonoia for possible integration into the sample application.

Information on RSP-UI can be found here.

The POC can be downloaded from here.

The zip file contains two workspaces that can be saved to your c:\rsp\workspace folder & imported into eclipse. The org.apache.tapestry plug-in contains the latest tapestry jars & dependencies. The org.rsp.sample.usage.tapestry plug-in implements the Tapestry "DirectLink" quick start application. You'll have to add a "link" file to the rsp web app that references the plug-ins. If you don't understand what I just wrote, review the article at Infonoia to get the RSP-UI development environment setup.

A few points:
- The tapestry servlet path in app.application is set to account for the "platform" node.
<meta key="org.apache.tapestry.servlet-path" value="/platform/app"/>
- A servlet that extends org.apache.tapestry.ApplicationServlet is used but only overrides one method. This helps hivemind & tapestry find everything.
protected ClassResolver createClassResolver() {
return new DefaultClassResolver(this.getClass().getClassLoader());

- We are interested in using RSP-UI in our application framework if it makes it as a full eclipse project.

I will try to answer questions on the POC, but I am not really a tapestry expert. Enjoy.



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